Is There Anything Good about Hell? has many strengths. The author knows what he is talking about. He has a broad knowledge of Scripture and is as likely to cite Moses or David as the NT to prove points. He is committed to Scripture, Reformed theology, and the Puritans. The book is well written and captivating. I commend it to readers, who want to go beyond sentimental views of hell and are willing to face difficult truths of Scripture.

Robert A. Peterson

Jesus—the most loving man who ever lived—talked a lot about hell. Yet, many believers seem to be embarrassed by this part of Christianity and so neglect it, redefine it, or simply deny it. Dirks outlines the Bible’s teaching on hell, answers questions we all have, and goes further to argue that it is ultimately good. What could possibly be good about hell? Pick up this book and find out!

Dr. Barton Priebe

The author’s closely reasoned arguments reinforce the principle that all that is true about the Creator’s person, decrees, desires, delights, and works are to be appreciated and celebrated by His people.  That includes the reality of hell which, perhaps surprisingly to some, is an expression of His goodness and love, as well as of His perfect justice, and a means of saving sinners. Dirks’ exposition of Scripture and his interaction with other authors goes a long way to help the reader overcome the natural embarrassment and discomfort (at best) or the rejection and denial (at worst) that often accompany this biblical doctrine that reveals a God who is worthy to be praised, and whose Son is worthy to be proclaimed to all the world as the only Savior of men and women!  Highly recommended.

Darcy Van Horn
Lead Pastor of Renfrew Baptist Church

Is There Anything Good About Hell is a thoroughly biblical defense of hell, but it is also much more than that. It is a call to consider how the reality of hell is indispensable for knowing the God of glory and love, the God who truly satisfies, and whose sovereign purposes answer the human cry for value, justice, and hope. Paul Dirks honestly addresses the skeptic’s questions, challenges believers to a deeper walk with God, and equips pastors to boldly and faithful proclaim the gospel. This book is food for the mind and for the soul. Highly recommended!

Gary Zekveld

I have always held that it would be a miserable universe without eternal punishment. Every act, good or evil, must carry its consequences. and the fact that our punishment must go on forever seems to me a proof of the everlasting love of God. For an evil deed to go unpunished would be to destroy the moral order of the universe. … Without eternal punishment we should have no touch with God, the world would be Godless, God-forsaken.

Max Muller

Many of the more careless sort, using the loving kindness of God to increase the magnitude of their sins and the excess of their disregard, speak in this way, saying: There is no hell, no future punishment. God forgives all our sins.

John Chrysostom

I never thought I would say this about a book on “hell,” but this one is a page turner! Amidst the confusing clamour of compromised positions and dead orthodoxies, the author brings a new, refreshing clarity to the traditional doctrine of hell. What captivated me most though, is his main thesis, a novel perspective, that hell is not only necessary to the Christian Gospel but is ultimately a good thing. Throughout, with solid biblical grounding and sound reasoning, I felt compelled to believe in all the right ways.

Robin Martens