Hell Literature Reviews

The database of resources offered here are “mini-reviews” of some of the literature on hell surveyed in preparation for writing Is There Anything Good About Hell? I did not always take notes in such a way to be able to present them well in the following format and so they are offered as is, and are meant to serve as a helpful base for further study. Think of it as a glorified bibliography.

The excerpts are not necessarily the most important thoughts in the book, but in many cases notes in reading that struck me at the time for a variety of reasons.

The rating is meant to answer “how helpful is this resource to the study of a correct doctrine of hell?”, with a particular emphasis on how they answer logical and philosophical questions according to scripture and reason.  As such, resources that do not adhere to a traditional, biblical doctrine of hell will be rated much lower. Books that may be far more general in topic than hell may be marked slightly lower, as may books and sermons that are very short.

For anthologies or journals with multiple entries, I have given an entry for the entire publication and have at times added further entries for individual articles or chapters where I have thought them noteworthy.

The sermons of Jonathan Edwards are the most difficult to deal with in this database due to the fact that they are all small works (except when collated), and yet probably deserve individual entries due to the sheer brilliance  and power of many of them. For now, I have included one collection of his sermons on hell. In the future I may add a few select sermons that I think deserve to be singled out.

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