Repent or Perish, John Gerstner

Gerstner is not only an Edwards scholar, more than perhaps anyone else in our generation he typifies Edwards' logic and approach to the doctrines of punishment and hell. This book is hard-hitting and generally excellent, if a bit uneven.





The fear of hell is the only thing most likely to get worldly people thinking about the kingdom of God.

If there were no other text in all Scripture teaching the awful doctrine, Matthew 25:46 would be enough to establish everlasting punishment everlastingly. At first glance, it is obvious that this is what Jesus meant. At second glance, it is more obvious that this is what Jesus meant. At third glance, it is most obvious that this is what Jesus meant.

This is the reason I wrote this book. Not because I love hell and hate its annihilation, but because I hate attempts to annihilate God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

This is the irony. The people who admit that hell is just do not go there. The people who do not admit it is just (because they are liars) are the ones who go there. This is the reason heaven rejoices in, rather than weeps over, hell. Heaven sees that this is where God punishes those who deserve to be punished in exactly the degree they deserve, eternally.

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