The Most Encouraging Book About Hell Ever, Thor Ramsey

Engaging popular level book on why hell glorifies God. The doctrine is good, the humour is... usually good.





The new doctrine of hell, as you’ll see, is simply not effective: “Repent or… nothing of serious consequence will happen to you.”

Hell glorifies God. I know. Exactly. It’s the halitosis of theological thinking, but it is truth nonetheless. And that is the simple premise for this book: hell glorifies God. That’s why I take delight in it.

Chapter 1
But tell me this. If there is nothing more than a non judgmental Santa-god out there, why do human beings desire justice in the first place? If there is only a Santa-god, why do I both judge my mother’s mean-drunk husband and condemn him in my heart? Woe is me… why can’t I be more like Santa Claus?

Chapter 4
If God loves you just the way you are, there was no reason for Jesus to die on a cross for you. The point frequently missing from the gospel these days is that God doesn’t love you just the way you are.

Don’t be misled into thinking that only pagans, whores, politicians, and comedians end up in hell. Hell will be full of respectable people, Good Joes, like school teachers and doctors and nurses and firemen. Churchgoers, even.

The revisionist view of the afterlife treats sin with kid gloves. It gives people who have no hope a false hope that they can come to Jesus anytime— now, later, sometime after you die, when you feel like it, doesn’t matter very much… it’s all good. Look, I’m sorry, but that’s a message of damnation. It’s not the gospel. It’s not from the Bible. It’s a hellish lie.


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