The Sow37 Podcast “Page-Turner” Interview with Robin Martens

I had a blast (is that allowed when you are discussing hell?) talking about eternal punishment with Pastor Robin Martens at Kinnaird Park Community Church in Castlegar. He has been doing a fantastic series on the topic of hell, and we discussed the thesis of my book. Around half-way through the episode I give a brief rundown of the six reasons (chapter 5-10) why hell is “good”, which may be helpful. Even if you don’t listen to me, I encourage you to check out a theologically rich, in-depth podcast by a brother who has a heart for the truths of God’s word. Oh, and he called the book a “page-turner”, which for a theologically-intense book is pretty much the nicest thing anyone could say about. So there’s that.

PS: Also check out Robin’s episode with my good friend Barton Priebe.