Top 3: Exodus Resources

This top three has little to do with hell--at least specifically. I am preaching through the book of Exodus, and its been wonderful growing in my knowledge of the degree to which Exodus, its language, and its themes, impact the rest of the scriptures. It's truly remarkable. So I present a top three resources on the book of Exodus with a particular view to seeing some themes and connections you may not have seen before.

Other resources in which I have interest, but have not yet investigated include Origen's Homilies on Genesis and Exodus and Leithart's A House for My Name. As a runner-up to this top three, I recommend Dempster's Dominion and Dynasty, which is quite simply one of the best AND shortest Old Testament theologies I have read. The section on Exodus is not long, but characteristically excellent.

Roberts, Alistair and Wilson, Andrew

Echoes of Exodus: Tracing Themes of Redemption through Scripture

Crossway, 2018.

A phenomenal example of biblical theology, tracing and connecting themes and threads in ways that make the narrative of Exodus and all of redemptive history come alive. The book deals with the text at a macro-level, but it should perhaps be your first book on Exodus. Highly recommended for believers of all reading levels.

Ryken, Philip and Hughes, Kent

Exodus: Saved for God's Glory

Crossway, 2016.

As a preaching commentary you won't get too much exegetical detail here. What you will get are two solid shepherds leading you through one of the Bible's greatest stories, to find many still waters and pleasant pastures. Although it is meant as a commentary, it reads well, and would be a wonderful companion to your devotions if you are slowly and meditatively working though Exodus.

Estelle, Bryan

Echoes of Exodus: Tracing a Biblical Motif

IVP Academic, 2018.

This book is for the student of scripture who really wants to dig into Exodus and its themes. It is far more academic than the other Echoes of Exodus listed above, but it has some excellent thoughts by a solid theologian who is committed to inerrancy but is willing to interact widely. The benefit is the reader's.

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