Themelios Review

I am thankful for a positive review of “Is There Anything Good About Hell?” in Themelios, by Rob Golding.

“Dirks’s work is very good. Though he says that his aim “is not to defend hell” but is rather to “explore and explain the ‘good’ of hell” (p. x), it functions very well as a defense of the traditional doctrine of hell by refuting the oft-repeated claim that hell is gratuitous. This book is also commendable as a theological treatise on the doctrine of hell even for those (presumably very few) who do not have emotional or theological problems with this topic. Dirks makes cogent and thoroughly biblical arguments in defense of the traditional doctrine of hell.”Rob Golding, Themelios

Golding, who I appreciate greatly, has a few critiques as well. Several of them are warranted, but I will respond to a couple of them in a separate short article, Lord willing, within a couple of weeks.

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